World under LOCKDOWN (COVID-19)

On December 31 of 2019, Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization of an outbreak of a novel strain of coronavirus causing severe illness, which was subsequently named SARS-CoV-2. Breaking all boundaries, this virus within 2 months had spread almost all over the world and on March 11 of 2020, WHO declared that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic…….. Read Full Article

The aftermath of natural disasters

Diseases that follow natural disasters cause more deaths than the catastrophe itself with water supplies quickly becoming contaminated by human and animal excrement. Thailand……. Read Full Article

Tips for Rapid Test storage during summer months

OnSite  Rapid Tests are a user friendly diagnostic product and can be stored at room temperature, defined as 2-30°C. However, during hot summer months, keeping storage facilities at these temperatures is difficult. Improper storage leads to…… Read Full Article

Protecting Children from Malaria Health Risks

As we approach the rainy season, malaria outbreaks are starting to rise. While malaria has always been a concern for adults and children alike, there has been little emphasis on the harm malaria causes to pregnant women and their unborn children……. Read Full Article

Poor sanitation is at the heart of preventable diseases

Using proper toilets and hand washing – preferably with soap – prevents the transfer of bacteria, viruses and parasites found in humanSanitation blog post feces which otherwise contaminate water resources, soil and food. This contamination is a major cause of diarrhea, the second biggest killer of children worldwide, and leads to other major diseases such as cholera, schistosomiasis, and trachoma…… Read Full Article

Chikungunya virus may cause fatal brain infection

In a recent cohort study published in the journal, Neurology, researchers have shown that the mosquito-borne virus chikungunya may lead to a severe brain infection and even death in infants and people over 65. The study involved a cohort of patients infected with chickungunya virus durbrain-scansing the 2005-2006 outbreak on Reunion Island, off the coast of Madagascar….. Read Full Article


Hepatitis is a term for inflammatory diseases of the liver, which range from mild and self-limited to severe, progressive forms leading to liver failure, cirrhosis, or hepatocellular carcinoma. Viral hepatitis is most commonly caused by the hepatitis A, B and C…. Read Full Article

Resources for Dengue Diagnostics

In 128 countries, 400 million people are infected each year and over half the world’s population is at risk of infection with Dengue viruses. As a leading discoverer, developer, and manufacturer of tropical disease IVDs, CTK is proud to offer a complete line of products for the management of dengue infection: Rapid Test: For all market ELISA Kit: To confirm rapid test…. Read Full Article


WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY June 14th is the World Blood Donor Day, as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Blood donations have increased by about 25% over the past 12 years with an expected 108 Million donations in 2016 Rates of donations decrease substantially from high-income to low-income countries: high-income countries is 36.8 donations per 1000 population; 11.7…. Read Full Article

National Women’s Health Week

National Women’s Health Week May 8-14, is celebrated as National Women’s Health Week and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. During this week, women of all ages pledge to take at least one step towards a healthier life. (Source) CTK offers a wide range of IVD products to aid in the diagnosis and management of…. Read Full Article

Today is World Malaria Day !

World Malaria Day On April 25, people around the world will participate in World Malaria Day, taking part in events to fight against and raise awareness about malaria. Facts about Malaria1 : 3.2 billion people in 97 countries – nearly half of the world’s population – are currently at risk for malaria disease transmission Roughly 15 countries – mainly…. Read Full Article